Welcome to Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world, and is with its area of about 17,000,000 sq km it is almost twice the size of the US. From north to south the country stretches for over 4,000 km; from west to east – for almost 10,000 km. Russia borders on 16 countries. In the south-east – with North Korea (DPRK), in the south with China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia; in the south-west – with Ukraine, in the west with Belarus, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Norway; the Kaliningrad Region borders on Lithuania and Poland. Moscow and St Petersburg are by far the largest cities, and they have the most to offer when it comes to activities that you can fill your spare time with. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the best educational facilities are found here. There is a lot to explore in the smaller cities and you might even find learning the Russian language much easier in a smaller city without the distractions of being among large numbers of other foreign students.​

Deciding where to take a Russian course may not be as easy as it sounds. The geo-political and geo-economic situation across Russia means that the conditions in different cities vary a lot. If you would like to experience studying a language in more than one city then we can easily arrange for you to study in any combination of cities where we offer courses. Click on a city to read more about the possibilities to learn Russian there.

Major cities:

• Moscow
• Saint-Petersburg
• Novosibirsk
• Nizhny Novgorod
• Ekaterinburg
• Samara
• Omsk
• Chelyabinsk
• Kazan
• Perm
• Ufa
• Rostov-on-Don
• Volgograd

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